SqueezyPeasy Welcomes You

Hello and welcome! If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re a marketer learning the SqueezyPeasy platform. SP allows you to seamlessly turn your website traffic into leads. There is no need to make any layout or content changes to your site – after all, you already know it works the way that it is. SqueezyPeasy lets you create beautiful squeeze form popups that you can make appear right over the your page’s existing content. Check out this simple example here.

Besides having access to various types of popups (lightbox, slide-in, ribbon, scroll mat, etc.), you also have full control over just when and how they appear. For example you can set a lightbox form to appear after a certain number of seconds spent on your page. Or trigger a slide-in form by a click on an element on your page. Or maybe you want to show a ribbon once your visitors scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. There truly is a large array of options available to you.

Capturing leads is usually only one part of the equation for marketers. The other is actually storing them where they can be marketed to – like a mailer platform. Here, SqueezyPeasy shines again. We let connect your forms with just about any autoresponder/mailer platform out there. For the full list of supported platforms, check out our FAQ page. Even if your mailer is not listed there, chances are you can just get a form code from it, and that’s all SqueezyPeasy needs.

Traffic to leads conversions of up to 45% have been reported to us numerous times. So if your page is currently getting 100 unique visits per day, you’re looking at 45 leads per day going into your list. That’s some list building!!

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