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For a very good outline of what SqueezyPeays allows you to do, please read this post.

Let me show you how to quickly get a very simple form popups on your site using SqueezyPeasy.

In the following tutorials I will be using a lightbox type form popup and I will be displaying it immediately upon page load. I will also skip showing you how to actually integrate the forms with an emailer. That capability is going to be covered in a separate tutorial.


The video below shows you how to a get a SqueezyPeasy popup to display on a WordPress website.

Self-hosted Site.

If you built your own site or, perhaps, used an HTML theme to build it, you’re probably hosting it on a regular web hosting service (like Hostegator or Godaddy) and make changes to it by editing individual pages of your website. You may even have a tech person that does it for you. The way it typically works is you want some changes made to a page, you contact your tech guy and he makes the changes for you. If that’s how you run your site, then placing a SqueezyPeasy popup on it might even be easier than placing it on a WordPress site.

All you need to do is find the file corresponding to the page you want the popup form to show on, let’s say the file is contactus.php, and place the SqueezyPeasy code you get in your admin panel right before the end </body> tag. Please watch the video above to see how to get the code. This is if you personally make changes. If you have a tech guy, just tell him this:

Hey Joe, can you please place this code before the </body>
tag on page XYZ?

<script type="text/javascript"> 
...code goes here...


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