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Creating Form Popups

You will notice that you have go through a few steps before you get to the design portion of your Form Popup. This short article will break down for you exactly what those steps are and just why you have to take them.

1. Create New Form Popup.

When you click the button shown above, you will see a lightbox asking you to name your Form Popup.

What you’re doing here is creating a place to put one or more opt-in form types in, because the next step is clicking the following button. You will see it inside the newly created Form Popup.

One Form Popup can contain multiple opt-in form types such as a LightBox and a Slide-in. And you can then make them display on a single page one following the other or in any way you like. Let’s say you want to show a LightBox opt-in as soon as a visitor comes to the page, but you then want to show them a slide-in with a special 30 seconds later. Both of those will be inside one Form Popup. So a Form Popup can end up looking like this:

2. Create Opt-In Forms.

The next step is creating the actual opt-in forms inside your Form Popup. For that you need to simply click the “Add” button corresponding to the type of form you want to build.

And then on the very next page click the “Create Form” button:

Name the new form you’re about to create:

The reason you need to do that is because you can actually have more than one form for split-testing purposes.

3. Setting Triggers and Other Controls.

The next step is typically setting display controls for your form:

This part is very straightforward. Just click on the corresponding control and modify it from there.

And now, to pick a template for your form and modify it, you just need to click this button:

For a quick video on how to go through the entire process, click here.

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