What is a LightBox

Lightbox is an overlay window that can display images, videos or any other content by filling the screen, and dimming out the rest of the web page. Check out this screenshot for a good example: SqueezyPeasy lets you control when your LightBox shows. Just one of the way to show it is when a visitor tries to exit the page. Here is a demo [...]

General Help

Creating Form Popups

You will notice that you have go through a few steps before you get to the design portion of your Form Popup. This short article will break down for you exactly what those steps are and just why you have to take them. 1. Create New Form Popup. When you click the button shown above, you will see a lightbox asking you to name your Form [...]

General Help

Getting Started

For a very good outline of what SqueezyPeays allows you to do, please read this post. Let me show you how to quickly get a very simple form popups on your site using SqueezyPeasy. In the following tutorials I will be using a lightbox type form popup and I will be displaying it immediately upon page load. I will also skip showing you how [...]