About Us

SqueezyPeasy was founded on the premise that you don't need to build separate squeeze pages to collect leads. We, as advertisers, often talk to small website owners who already have established web presense with their existing blogs and/or stores. What they usually want is to capture their visitors' information right off the page that's already getting all the traffic. That way they make sure the visitor signs up for something relevant and they don't need to send them anywhere to do so.

Imagine you have a blog post that's getting 800 unique visits per month in organic traffic. You don't pay anybody to get that traffic, it simply comes from Google when people search for a specific keyword that your post targets. Now let's say whatever it is that you're selling on that post is only converting at 3%. That means out of 800 visitors about 25 take action. The rest simply leave the page never to be seen again. What if you could prompt those people to give you their information as soon as they are about to close the page? Or how about when they reach the bottom of the page? Or let's say you have determined that if after 30 seconds on the page they have not take action, they're likely not going to. Well, prompt them to sign up for some promo or a newsletter. You're going to be amazed at how many people will sign up. Which will allow you to build a list of subscribers that you can market other stuff to. Remember? The money is in the list!

We have tried SqueezyPeasy on our own projects and were astonished at just how effective this tool can be. So give it a shot today, it's free to try.